MyFiT365 has always been leading the way when it comes to delivering a superior product. Now we Bring you our Workout At Home - On Line Group Fitness Program.

What makes us different when it comes to on line training is that we are taking the same principles of success that we use in our top of the range facility located in Killorglin, to bring you the same proven results as if you where training in our facility.

It's very simple, we are giving you a place to be, at a certain time, doing a certain class. To the same High standard as all our other services.

AccountabilityAccountability, ACCOUNTABILITY!


Trust us, it works!

We will speak to about your health, both mentally AND  physically. And, we are also using our knowledge built from proven results. Combining our nutrition plans with lifestyle analysis to help plan your days, give you some structure and hold yourself accountable. Because we know that positive actions, correlate directly with positive results. 

Checkout our Group Fitness timetable HERE!

Whats included in your monthly membership? 

Full Nutrition Plan  
Weekly 1:1 Video  Consultations

Access To Our Member Facebook Page  
Priority Booking Via Our Members App 

Unlimted Access to Classes Each Week 

Equipment Provider Service



Equipment Provider Service

Because of the challenging times we are faced with we know that not everyone has access to gym equipment. That is why we are offering you two options.

We have a limited amount of equipment that we can lend out after a deposit is paid. This will allow you to join our TRX-Kettlebell-Core or Strength & Conditioning classes.


The second option we have available if you prefer, or if we cannot supply the equipment ourselves, is direct you to the companies that supply our equipment to the gym. These companies are the best in Ireland.


For just €68 a month via Direct Debit you get priority booking and access to all classes, Facebook group, weekly consultations and coaches!

Just click HEREto sign up  and we will email you all the info to get started! If you would like more info click  below.