We offer individual & group nutrition consultations. Consultations can be done in person at my private studio or Phone/Zoom sessions are also an option and work well. In a nutshell, I offer personalised diet & lifestyle advice which is tailored to the clients health needs and goals. This includes practical meal suggestions and recipes as well as tips on how to incorporate the changes into your lifestyle.


Most people want to look better, feel better and live happier, more fulfilling lives. They may be motivated to make a change, but they’re not sure what to do first, or they’re overwhelmed by the idea of overhauling their entire lives. Like most of us, you have probably already tried a variety of diets, supplements and maybe even cleanses. Some may have worked, but are often hard to maintain and most tend to be too general.


The reality is that, unless you have a plan that is practical, works with your lifestyle and takes your individuality into account, it will not work to your fullest benefit and will typically not last long-term.Your life turns out completely different when you are eating well supporting your needs because what we put into our bodies changes everything.

Our food goes into our stomach and as it gets digested, it gets absorbed into our blood and our blood is what creates our cells, our tissues, our organs, even our thoughts. So after all you really are what you eat.  My consultation will teach you :What foods to eat for fat loss, what foods to avoid that is causing the extra weight gain, what is the best workout for your body type, how to lose weight safely and permanently.


Consultations starting from as little as €16. It gives everyone the chance to change their health, lifestyle and lives. Just remember a few pints or that take-away each week would cost the same if not more. So why should something that is going to add value and wealth to your life be put on the back burner any longer?


To book a consultation or for more info please message me here or call on 0879114071


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